Monday, July 20, 2009

violent seduction

this little industrious fit is due to my unaccustomed leisure....while bored and circling flickr i came across the proprietress of a place called violent seduction. naturally i am like the last person to know about it. but still.

she was wearing an outfit featuring a version of an anatomical cameo corset. this of course is a quite famously done piece, with examples in real life, and in mourna biziou's iconic blog post. but i like it precisely because it is a different spin, and the bone cage crinoline skirt is really a fabulous idea.

i was also sold on the bone tiara as well. and oddly enough when i changed the red tinted tattoos and cutea benelli's cruelty skin carried over, and they seemed to look just fine. so i just left it like that.

anatomical juana wears:

necromantic dress (tiara too) by violent seduction
cruelty skin and dia de los muertos platforms by cutea benelli/grim bros
peppa hair black by diversity hair
skull nose piercing by avz
his embrace gloves by self expressions
bloody rawbones bracelets by retox
mayan dream tattoos by garden of ku (tinted red)

the sim where the store is located is absolutely adorable. its creepy yes, but lolita creepy. which means childishly bloodthirstily kawaii.

it is made to shop, with inviting little areas full of gorgeous stuff. i wanted to buy everything of course but i restrained myself. i did get a different outfit, and a skin.

i am very fond of cage crinolines. i have worn hoopskirts many a time in my earlier SCA days, and to me the caged ones are like the skeletons of hoopskirts. and so it makes me giggle to be wearing their remains.

i did however pass on the top. and while fiddling around for accessories stumbled on a cool outfit by un jour that seemed to go pretty well with this ensemble. another plus--the skin came with a notecard that had a preset specifically for the skin. oooo. chichi.

ero loli juana wears:

ero loli outfit and the rise of lolita ophelia skin by violent seduction
la vie n'es qu'une comedie hat, gloves, stockings, and choker by un jour
murder ballet top by snatch
autumn chignon by bp
mayan dream tattoos (tinted red) by garden of ku
skull nose piercing by avz
boots by j's boots

perhaps next time i will pay more attention and actually accessorize a little better. :)

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