Tuesday, July 14, 2009

steampunky nilufer?

so, i am going to see abney park in dallas. i had to have a steampunk outfit. this is not a style dialect that i am familiar with. in fact, i spent tons of time in the SCA *avoiding* victorian-era gear.
after tons of hair-pulling, i think i know what i will wear. and refreshingly it won't entail all that much, just some alterations i think.

btw, please be amused at my highly charming bathroom--i have mirrors in this place but they are in the weirdest places. :)

i am thinking the aggresive gloves might look nicer, and i do have a fishnet shrug that goes with it perhaps. but i think this is what i am going to go with, give or take a few things. its funny, i'd made myself nuts making another jacket, which i tried on today with corset and i was completely swimming in it.

it would look sharp, but its vast. as it is the yelek i am wearing is also way too big. (i have it pinned up in the back) its gratifying but sort of annoying too. the choli just fits, though i broke a few beads on the fringe yesterday while trying it on. i am thinking that it will be more like a rom-ish look. i have a white coin hip scarf somewhere, if not i might buy one. not sure for the hair. i have a long length of uzbeki silk, perhaps i can tie a little turban with it?

or go more with the turkish and wear a little fez and wrap the silk around it?

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