Friday, July 24, 2009

fashion sadhvi

i have always wanted to leave the world behind. the figure of the saddhu i have found somewhat fascinating. i was once very close to a friend of mine, rakesh. he told me a funny story about being on the way somewhere and encountering a saddhu, who scared him by stopping him and telling him what he'd eaten for lunch (chicken biryani) and other things. as much as i'd like a transcendent wisdom such as that, i don't think i could give up my love of things of the flesh....

and so if i really were a sadhvi (female saddhu) then i suppose this is the closest i would ever be. i dont know what happened to kesh, except that he is back in india and happy too i think. i have a vast collection of nicknames--he is the one who gave me my nickname of "indrani" and he is probably the only person in the world who actually called me that regularly.

the fashion sadhvi juana wears:

metal runes silks set top and pants by alpha tribe
machina eyes sky by negriposi
female shiva destroyer skin by illuminati
royal rajput gold ruby parure by mashooka
dread hair by bp

in an unknown buddhist sim
listening to
svetasvatara upanisad performed by
The Phillipe Eidel Mahabharata Group

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