Sunday, July 12, 2009

pre-columbian neko

i have never been a neko before. until now. and naturally i wanted to be a pre-columbian styled neko too.

i actually would never have bothered but i was looking for something else and found the los muertos neko set--roses and skulls, totally up my alley. and the hybrid prod waspoid skin is one of my very faves, though i don't wear it as often as i should.

pre-colombian neko juana wears:

his embrace black by self expressions
hybrid prod waspoid skin female by hybrid productions
los muertos neko set by subtle submission
realia hair by gauze
skull nose piercing by avz
dead doll eyes by deviant kitties
cenobitie's claws by tekeli'li
rivet kitteh boots by dv8
mayan dream tattoos (modded white) by garden of ku
skull collar by mad about...

at temple of bubastis at lyre @ lyre sim
listening to "mass for four voices" from

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