Friday, July 10, 2009

juana a la turque

i love hammams. ever since my adventure at the grand mosquee de paris i have loved them. imagine my surprise then when i found one in second life. i was so amused i had to tell troy and he teleported right over.

while we were amusing ourselves, a very bewildered looking romanian guy in speedos showed up. naturally this semi-soap operaish kind of spectacle appealed to me.

i'd been shopping at nomine, because a certain blog post excited my interest in the new rom themed clothing that was out. (giggle)

while i was there i was trying things on and i realized that some of the items reminded me very very much of turkish clothing. and so i started rummaging in my inventory and found a few little accessories.

and voila. juana a la turque. or at least, juana in a fantastically lame ass orientalist version of a turkish woman's outfit. this is the danger, although i thought it looked pretty, i have no earthly clue what i am saying with this outfit, to those who know.

i mean, maybe it makes me look like a kurdish cleaning lady.

and a la turque is a euphemism for....

but i digress.

second life is infamous for having forms of "ethnicity tourism" where people can pick and choose their ethnicity and race and gender...and i suppose i can count myself one of the major criminals committing this particular sim.

and cleaning lady or no, tedi still pushed me in the bosphorus.....

nilufur juana a la turque wears:

skin, mala vida yelek, skirt by nomine
woman's fes plus hair and coin necklace from folklor set (unknown)
top from egyptian black dress set by fumi
babuchas (moroccan slippers) by unknown
nautilus belt by tekeli'li
zydratic complication eyes by aura falta
yoru lingo ring by nonko (that was accidental)

at the second life hammam, and at mission home store.

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