Saturday, January 16, 2010

in the ruins of nexus

it is interesting that in second life there is not always the chance to make a sentimental journey--so often things vanish without a trace, without warning.  there are some places that seem to be imbued with a kind of eternal specialness, even when they are broken beyond repair.  i would say that the city of nexus prime is one of those places. two years ago it was lost, in a kind of uniquely second life catastrophe.

roaming the city now, watching it rebuild, is kind of like seeing it heal, and also a bit like visiting ancient ruins.  the idea of the place still remains though. for many people this second life city had a very profound impact on their lives.  i can't say that i was one of the people who knew it well, but i did love the place, and it carries a fateful significance for me.

normally i would be dressed in some sort of commemorative attire but i was summoned there by a very dear friend, and i arrived in what i was wearing, which was the new rottenesque outfit by rotten toe (and various other rotten toe items) plus my habitual j's boots and tattoos and eyes from Tacky Star's charity (Haiti) offering.  i admit i feel somewhat facetious relating what i wore in these circumstances, but i suppose life must go on, even in a pretend world.

juana wears:

vika hair, jane skin, visions of death eyes,
rottenesque outfit, and neck ruff by rotten toe
spiderfae sleeves and gloves by nomine
thigh high boots by j's
birdie bye bye and satin button eyes by tacky star
skull nose piercing by avz
the nexus haiku by grady echegaray

listening to owl and pussycat by saluki regicide


GL said...

I crashed a plane into a Nexus building once. Barely got out alive.

juana manuel said...

yes? did it crumple your outfit?