Monday, January 4, 2010

drunken snow white

there are some days that have unexpected good fortune. and so it was today, while shopping in grim bros, which of course is the brand of one of my very favorite designers ever, cutea bennelli. and guess what???!!! she dropped a few boxes on me!

and omg the dresses! this is the first one. i put it on and was completely in love. cutea is doing a set of dresses based on the original grimm brothers fairy tales, and so this is her interpretation of schneewitchen, or snow white.  i had no idea that snow white was getting drunk on apple schnapps to deal living with OCD dwarves in a commune! (thanks cutea for this splendid interpretation) and the skirt with the attached dwarves is all kinds of terrible funny.

i went and wandered around in chakryn forest a bit, which is bettina tizzy's lovely sim.  while i was there i met a charming group of people who were very amused at my dress. but then again, how often do you teleport into a forest and find a vast naked woman and a drunk snow white stumbling around with dwarves all over her skirt?

drunken snow white juana wears:

schneewitchen outfit and la vie en rose blanc et jaune shoes by cutea bennelli/grim bros (OMG thanks cutea!!!!!!!!!!!)
primrose virgin tart black skin by nomine
heaven's tears eyes by tohru

at chakryn forest, listening to sukdabeat vastik


GL said...

That looks very troubling.

juana manuel said...

yes i expect she is going to be on the cover of the national equirer soon.