Monday, April 27, 2009

dream of the crimson chamber

i have never read the dream of the red chamber, but i want to someday. i visited the land of illusion sim, not knowing what it was, and the little i know now is that at least some of it is based on this novel, but it's actually by two people named lily and honglei, and it's something like her memories superimposed on the grounds of the house from the book. so interesting...almost like wandering in someone's memories.....

i wandered the house and grounds, laid out in the traditional manner, each wing representing the seasons. and as i wandered i listened to guqin, because i think it pretty, and it seemed fitting for my mood. there were strange little surprises, images visible on one side and not the other......

i'd been shopping at blue blood that evening too, and it happened that the outfit i wore was called crimson. i apparated there, in the store, and a disembodied chat voice behind me told me i looked gorgeous. i turned and it was ghanima uriza herself, a beautiful green loli fairy perched on a chair. she was sweet to me, and gave me several skins to go with the gowns i had bought.....this one seemed very fitting though as it is with all things, i ended up changing what i was wearing midway.

the crimson dreaming juana wears:

crimson outfit and skin by blue blood (ghanima uriza)
collar and curlicue undershirt chichi set by cutea benelli
dreams noir hair by red queen
black widow and carpe noctem boots by nightshade designs
studded leather pants by digit darkes
forbidden 19 skin by lionskins

in land of illusion sim, listening to the guqin.........

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