Thursday, April 2, 2009

dj tedi sound and the furry ^^

tedi had another show tonight. it was a furry themed one. i am not a furry, and so it was hard to start from scratch, but i didn't want to look like everyone else. After searching i managed to find a vampire chihuahua AV by Shaduhka Druart on Xstreet. sadly it's not mod so the wretched hair had to stay and i was in a total hurry so ended up wearing a men's Rfyre outfit--a gothy toreador thing, that made juana look vaguely eastern european. it was such a horror finding boots for this av. I had no idea what it takes to dress a furry. It's hard! but i had an ugly pair of boots i found in one of those scary little fleamarket-like malls that sort of worked. and I added a tekel'li torc and bracers.

troy looked really scary, he wore a very intense little bunny av. I daresay he looked *crazed*. it was interesting to see all the different furry avatars too--a variety of them were there. But you can totally spot the "born furry" from the poseur furries.

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