Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the hermit; or never regret...

what you have neglected because of your happiness.  that is the only excuse i will give you, that i was following the light at the end of my lantern. it is still burning very brightly, and i am still journeying with my companions and my new love, but i am learning to wander through the flowers and the high grass in the fields that flank the road, happily unaccompanied in my own reveries. but no bouquets of regret.

 this little bouquet was collected as i wandered an unknown sim last october, dressed as coatlicue, the serpent skirted mother goddess. today when i was working on something unrelated i saw the clips from this adventure, and decided to use it as my re-entry into the sl blogging "monde" after my long retirement. it is also something of a late valentine, too.

coatlicue juana wears:

devon 3b skin & visions of death eyes by
rotten toe
guja snake queen outfit & modded headdress elements from vita's boudoir
pout tattoo by little pricks
archaic choker by grim bros
los muertos tattoo
x & y model hair 16
thigh high boots by j's

dax riggs cover  performed by andy morellion

thank  you andy for permission to use your cover.

sim unknown.

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