Tuesday, June 8, 2010

pyongyang traffic girls make the world go round...

Pyongyang Traffic Girls are (perhaps with the exception of the mao suit) the chi-chiest of all fashion influences originating from dour totalitarian communist nations.  These hot uniformed patriotic creatures stand in their impossibly cute outfits (who doesn't love white ankle socks and little brown heeled oxfords) at intersections performing impossibly robotic movements (as only crazy goose stepping bankrupt communist nations with brilliant athletic teams and starving populaces devise) directing non-existent traffic on pyongyang's mean streets. 

They even function as advanced military technology. And now thanks to the ubercoolness (yes, i am a little biased) of Rev Eponym, proprietor of Mad Science Laboratories, all of the deserted intersections in Second Life will be populated with hot traffic girls by the end of the next 5 year plan.

airborne traffic girl juana wears:

Pyongyang Traffic Girl set & custom platform
by Mad Science Laboratories (Rev Eponym)

Ichigo Claret  skin by Pixel Dolls
Nephilim hair by Tohru
Skull nosering by AVZ
High Oxfords by Tesla
Visions of death eyes by Rotten Toe

taken at various undisclosed locations
listening to "ode to kim il sung"

special thanks to Rev Eponym,
who is the coolest boyfriend evar


GL said...

Admit it. This is all about having an excuse to say pyongyang over and over again.

juana manuel said...

yes gabe.