Sunday, February 7, 2010

my necro-nomine valentine

i just had to have the new nomine milkmaid is so gorgeous and sexy and it comes in several colors. juana has gotten several compliments wearing it, and i would highly recommend going out and buying all of them myself. amusingly enough when i donned the dress, it put me in a bit of a valentine's day mood, but in my case that means laughing at necrophilia. it did remind me a little of what a lonely girl working at a morgue might wear. or at least my idea of what a lonely girl working at a morgue might wear.

i was encouraged/joined/enabled in this jollity by the ever fabulous recidivist sideways, who volunteered to play the dead guy. we were also supervised very carefully by the diabolically fashionable Rev Eponym (who was observing off camera).  i have mentioned before that Liqueur Felix has the coolest images and flickr site for browsing for new places, and it is there that i found the slurl to Ben's Morgue in the Wastelands.  

special guest star recidivist sideways wears:
custom skin and accessories
by munchflower zaius of nomine

necrophilia valentine juana wears:
peach milkmaid dress, primrose virgin tart skin,
& heart repaired necklace female by nomine
latex gloves from dark dancer set by rotten toe
black boots (high) by j's boots
skull nose ring by avz
kitty eyes blood black by yukis devin
new 47 hair by W&Y

at ben's morgue, wastelands

"how deep is your love cover" by david choi (thanks to david choi for permission)
download at:

special thanks to Rev Eponym
for ensuring no corpses
or small animals were harmed in the
making of this fashion machinima.


Marisol Koenkamp said...

That was hilarious. I love your dark humor.

juana manuel said...

thank you so much marisol :) i admit i was laughing the entire time :D

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